What is 360 video?

360 video is a type of video content that allows the viewer to experience the scene from all angles, as if they were physically present in the environment. 360 videos are typically recorded using specialized cameras that capture a spherical view of the environment, and the viewer can use their device or a VR headset to look around and explore the scene from any angle.

Unlike traditional video content, which is shot from a fixed perspective and can only be viewed from a specific angle, 360 video allows the viewer to have a much more immersive and interactive experience. This can provide a more engaging and realistic view of the environment, and it can allow the viewer to explore and discover new details and perspectives that would not be possible with traditional video.

360 video has many potential applications, including entertainment, education, journalism, and even marketing and advertising. For example, 360 video can be used to create immersive and interactive movies and games, to provide virtual tours of different locations, and to tell stories and share information in a more engaging and interactive way.

Overall, 360 video is an exciting and rapidly-developing area of technology that has the potential to enhance many aspects of our lives and to drive innovation in many different fields.

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