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360 Video Production Services

360° Video

If you want to show people your product, 360° videos might be a good technique for you. It is an innovative way to get people interested in what you have to offer. It works with almost any kind of product or service!

More and more brands are trying to get into a new technology that will break away from the traditional viewing format. It lets users explore the world around them.

When you watch a video in VR, your brain tells your body that it is there. This makes the video more interesting.

The viewer has more flexibility: they can adjust what they see by moving their phone around and checking out different angles and views without physically moving themselves. This boosts engagement and stimulates curiosity that could lead to action (for example: calling the real estate agent).

What is 360° Video

360° video is very similar to traditional photography. The only difference is that it captures the environment around the recorder in all directions, from left to right and top to bottom.

2 Reasons Why You Should Use 360 Degree Videos

The first reason:

Virtual Reality is a way of watching things on your phone or TV. 360 degree videos are popular. This type of video can be watched anywhere, so it’s easy to watch. Virtual Reality is an innovation that will lead to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is coming soon. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution by joining it!

The second reason:

Because you can see 360 degree video from any angle and explore it in 3D, the user is kept for twice as long on average. This is because they can’t just look at what the photographer wants them to see; instead, they may look wherever they want and experience the video in a unique way.

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