Virtual Reality Activations

What is an Activation?

A Virtual Reality Activation is a profound experience in which our professionally trained staff members host an event where they demonstrate the power and immersion of virtual reality by guiding people through one or multiple virtual experiences.

Trained Staff


The activation staff members have all been professionally trained to operate and understand the latest virtual reality headsets.

They are always prepared to catch or assist you when you fall or get overwhelmed by the experience.They make sure that you do not collide with the environment in the real world during your experience.

Due to recent concerns and problems brought about by the covid-19 pandemic, hygiene and cleanliness has become a major priority to our staff. Every headset, controller and additional accessory is cleaned and sanitised before and after every use. Staff members also frequently sanitise their own hands and maintain an acceptable distance from clients, as well as each other, as much as possible.They also wear a face mask for the entire duration of the event.


The Virtual Reality Activation team is equipped for any venue and any amount of people. Whether there are 7 people or 700 people, whether it is at a small bar or a large convention centre, they are always ready to do what their clients need.

The team usually arrives a decent amount of time before the start of the actual event.This is because they need to prepare all the necessary equipment and make sure everything is exactly as it should be.


The Activation team is able to provide you with a vast variety of games and experiences to suit several different types of events.


Richie’s Plank Experience is by far the most popular experience they have to offer, due to how incredibly stressful and immersive it is. Within the game, one must ascend to the top of a skyscraper and walk onto a narrow plank that leads to a long fall onto the street below. The heightened levels of anxiety effectively increase the immersiveness of the experience and those who dare to walk the plank often tend to forget that they are in a virtual experience.

Richie's Plank ExperienceFor those who seek a relatively more relaxed but equally immersive experience, Ocean Rift is ideal. Taking the form of a deep sea adventure, Ocean Rift lets users observe, interact and swim with a variety of ocean creatures including dolphins, eels, stingrays, turtles and even sharks. Its oceanic setting makes it the perfect choice for beach or sea-themed events.

Ocean Rift ExperienceFor those with a more abstract and entertaining experience in mind, the surreal neon environments and upbeat dubstep music of Beat Saber will surely make your event worth attending. The goal of Beat Sabre is to use the coloured lightsabers at your disposal to destroy similarly coloured cubes speeding at you to the rhythm of fast-paced dubstep music. It is quite a thrilling experience, but provides less of the fear and immersion one might find in Richie’s Plank Experience, which is of course not always a bad thing.

Beat Sabre ExperienceThe team isn’t limited to showcasing only those experiences though. If you wish to have any custom virtual content on display, all you need to do is provide specifications regarding what you want to be shown at your event and the Virtual Reality Activation team will do the rest.


The Virtual Reality Activation team is capable of bringing even more than just games. They are willing to go the extra mile to enhance the overall immersion of the experience with specialised props that will turn a simple game into the ultimate virtual experience.

Virtual Reality Activation SurfingIn Conclusion


It might seem like a lot for one team to handle, but no task is too difficult for the Virtual Reality Activation Team. With enough time to prepare and enough information about your specific requirements, they can make your event come to life and transform it into the ultimate experience.