Virtual reality’s potential in 3D modeling software

Virtual Reality application development has traditionally relied heavily on 3D modeling, which must be extremely accurate and scaled to guarantee that the user is fully immersed in the scene. Almost everything humans have made in the actual world has been scaled for humans. As a result, our brains are unconsciously tuned to a specific standard for real-world size, and if that scale is slightly wrong within a virtual reality application, the brain will notice.

When creating a scene for a virtual reality application, the 3D artist uses a variety of assets from various creators to fill the scene and make it feel lived in and real. However, because the assets are coming from external sources, they may not be created to the same scale, this can cause scale issues. Fixing such flaws may be time-consuming, involve scaling things, injecting them into a game engine, and examining them in VR to confirm the scale is accurate. Not Anymore…

VR within 3D Software

Instead of working on a 2D monitor with a mouse and keyboard, Virtual Reality headsets can now be used as a modeling tool within 3D modeling software. You can now move within your 3D view port in 6Dof(6 Degrees of freedom) VR while creating your space, allowing you to notice any scale discrepancies almost immediately. This technology saves time by eliminating the need to go back and forth between game engines and 3D software.

This technique is also incredibly advantageous to the entire field of 3D art. The user experience is considerably more natural when utilizing a VR headset within 3D software, allowing traditional artists such as sculptors to create figures in a way that is familiar to them rather than using difficult and intimidating input techniques. This will lead to more individuals developing in 3D software, resulting in faster 3D technology development, lower asset production costs, and a better end product overall.


Sculpting in VR

Potential Implementations

  • Virtual Reality Software
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Asset Creation
  • Character Creation
  • Environmental Design


Virtual reality is the key to the fourth industrial revolution, and it will be employed in every professional sector we can think of. Its application in 3D software is only the beginning.