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Virtual Tours for Capetown

What are virtual tours?

A virtual tour is a digital experience in which the user can explore a digital replica of a real physical space, without actually having to travel to that space. There are mainly two types of virtual tours. The first type is created with special high-end cameras that scan the environment around them. The second type is created with 3D modelling software and reference images of the relevant location.


Who should use virtual tours?

The answer is simple: Anyone who owns a business that exists within a physical space. Virtual tours can greatly enhance the online consumer experience at any business, regardless of the industry it operates in. Clients can take a look at the products in your showroom without leaving their homes. Alternatively, if you are in the real estate industry, you can have a significantly greater number of prospective clients inspect the property they are interested in without having to arrange any physical appointments.


Why should you choose virtual tours?

Virtual tours have significantly increased in popularity in recent years, due to regulations regarding the recent pandemic, as well as the rapid increasing popularity of virtual reality. If you own a business that primarily functions within a physical place, it is important to keep in mind that the majority of customers would prefer browsing your products and services through an online medium at home rather than risking their health and safety by going outside.


Here are some examples of what we have contributed to the world of virtual tours.

Here is a virtual tour we created for the beautiful Carlswald Luxury Apartments

We created this virtual tour for The Audi Dealership in Sandton

This virtual tour was made for the Supa Quick Lifestyle Centre in Centurion

This virtual tour was created for SAP Africa

This Virtual tour experience was created for The Innovation Hub

How are virtual tours made?

Please enjoy this short video below explaining how we use the powerful technology at or disposal to create virtual tours.

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